Why Quirky . . .

There are two people in my world: NT’s, i.e. Neurotypicals which are those without Aspergers, and those with. For quirky company, I prefer the latter of the two. Obviously, as I have surrounded myself with them. At first it was unintentional, now it is a subconscious decision turned obvious that I prefer the company of those deemed “Quirky.” I’m quirky myself though I haven’t got a fancy label like Aspergers. I’ve been called many things, which I won’t list here for a variety of good reasons, but quirky seems the most common to fit the bill. Quirky Is As Quirky Does and for this quirky girl, I have found my quirky tribe. If for some reason you find my use of the word “tribe” offensive and only viewed by you as a socially unacceptable reference to native americans then I suggest you stop here. It isn’t,  but be warned there will likely be other things that set you off. I cannot say what those are at the juncture, and they won’t be intentional. I just know myself well enough to know it will happen. Abort this mission and stop reading. Again? For some, using the term “abort” is probably offensive too. Last call….

Like the other members of my tribe, I can sometimes lack social awareness. I try to be empathetic and considerate to all walks of life. However, I have a tendency to cross lines or at least tap dance close enough to them like on the edge of a sharp cliff, I start losing my footing but often catch myself just before sailing over the edge. Truth be told, that is a skill learned later in life. I have taken many tumbles over that ledge. Nearing fifty years of age, I still hear the tone in people’s voice as they scold me, saying just my name. You know the tone. The same one your mother used on you as a child carrying enough weigh, in one word, of a lifetime of shame. I still hear it, but now I am a wife and mother. I must strike a balance between being a socially appropriate role model for a husband and teenager who both have Aspergers, and somehow be “myself“, unedited.

This is a memoir, of sorts, of that journey.