Why I Psychotically Spread Myself Thin

Well. I guess I’ll be a little less silly in this post than usual. I’ll kind of take you friends through my current goals and thought processes.

Since I was young I had one definitive thing in mind, that I would not have children without having a degree. Granted, it’s not necessary to have a degree in this life, a degree is not necessary to become successful, it’s not even necessary to be traditionally “successful” in this world. Nor is a degree important in choosing to become a parent and to love your children. I totally get that, but it’s a goal I’ve had for my entire existence. It is a goal that I am actively pursuing.

Since I’ve become a late twenties/early thirties adult yet another goal of mine is to be able to spend that ever-so-important time with my children in the early stages of life. If I cannot then hopefully my husband can. I would LOVE for one of us to be there for them until they’re whisked away into the education system. It is my personal ideal.

Since becoming engaged to Nick I knew that time was short compared to when I was a will-of-the-wisp single lady. Previously I did a lot of hanging out with friends, I had a full-time office job and was a part-time bartender. I lived a charmed, free, and fun existence. Upon choosing to commit to another person, and promising to begin a family one day, I switched around that plan.

As everyone knows, now-a-days I work full-time, have spent the majority of the last 2 years also grinding toward my accounting degree full-time, I’ve started a blog, and now, of all the random things, I’ve signed up to sell Mary Kay cosmetics as well. It seems like I have a bit too much going on, but that’s not really the way I see things.

I know for a fact that you cannot achieve your dreams if you do not try. I know that my current position needs me in the office, without fail, from 7:30 to 4:30, Monday through Friday. I also know for a fact that getting my degree and becoming a CPA does not guarantee me early childhood development time. I know that most bloggers are never paid for their efforts. Further, I know how tough it can be to become a successful salesperson in any business.

All these things considered I feel very comfortable putting myself out there fourfold to try to achieve these dreams. I have a lifestyle I am used to, financial necessities, personal goals and dreams and I will do ANYTHING to achieve (without stomping on others that is, I hate that). I get that I seem like a psychopath taking on such a load. That after having built the house, planned the wedding, etc… while simultaneously doing these things I am truly deserving of something of a break. The combinations of activities have all technically been too much to really have a lot of me time in the present.

I just keep thinking of the future. It drives me. It compels me. There are folks who depend on me now. There are unborn folks who depend on me, or if we can’t have babies of our own, unadopted folks.

To me, these are my most important considerations. I may be spreading myself thin, I may be wearing myself out, I may have physically aged 5 – 10 years in the last 2, but that is alright with me. I didn’t build toward my future in my early years, I lived it up, I had fun, I spent more money on shoes than is prudent for anyone in a lifetime and I loved every minute of it. It’s time for me to give back and give in to the things that are really important. My family, whom I love more dearly than myself.

So there you go.

(If you need Mary Kay stuff I’ll sell it to you, sarahtishko@marykay.com. If you want to become a consultant as well, I’ll sign you up. If you want to promote my blog I’ll love you for it. If you just want to be my friend; that is the best of them all.)

The day we became a family. 2/28/11.

What our children will probably look like (since we look like siblings anyway). Us as babies.

We mustn't forget Squeak. She's our baby too.