The Joys of Office Work

Sometimes Jessica and I like to update each other on how we’re doing during the day by emailing each other pictures. Yesterday’s string I found particularly hilarious.

Me, “Today is going like this……..”

Jess, “Mine is going like this…”

Jess update a few hours later, “So you know how my morning started. This is what it has progressed into:”

My reply, “Here’s mine.”

At least we get to briefly smile amidst the busy work day.

I love Jessica.

Today’s updates are:

Jessica to me, “I tried to comment on your post with a new picture of how today is going, but it wouldn’t let me paste the picture in. So here is today:

My reply/rant, “Here’s me. Because people all believe that they are the only flipping person I do work for. Because their project is THE project, and that they should have 1st priority over my time. Let’s just think about this. How many projects are we working on right now?! Like 30-ish (paperwork wise anyway) and my hand is in each batch of cookie dough. I have to work on ALL of them. They only see their job and don’t realize that I have to get it all done. I’m being nagged and am pissed!