Seriously?! Weird Search Terms

I’m dedicating a page to weird search terms that lead people to my blog. I’ll also post some of the most frequent. I’ll get it up to speed, but here’s an idea of what I’m seeing on a regular basis.

Weird ones:

  • rental nude bathroom of bears
  • sexs nik fam de dog
  • cough up a lot of blood chunky stuff cocaine
  • pictures of a bruised pinched butt
  • zombie baby eating hand
  • salad hat
  • butt bag
  • domacka macka (I think this means house cat in Croatian)
  • lady butt ***hahahahaha
  • human meat taste
  • fat thumbnails
  • dog sex swing (um………………I am officially terrified)
  • shit wanker ***hahaha
  • gymnosaliagas ***?????
  • handsome guy eat packet food
  • miss water closet (I really want to know the meaning of this one. So many different contexts.)

Frequent ones:

  • zombie babies
  • real cannibals
  • sex swing
  • golden shower
  • girls with open mouth pics ***wtf?
  • tonsil stone (giant tonsil stones)
  • butt pinch
  • mom farts
  • orange cats/kittens
  • black and white cats/kittens
  • arachnophobia¬†(& shower scene)

Don’t know what this means, but it sounds graphic and leads people to the site.

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