From No House To New House

Back in 2007, when he was a single man, Nick bought our condo. It’s great for one person. I moved in June of 2010. Being 1 bedroom and 800 square feet it started feeling cramped in about 2 or 3 days. In July 2011 we started scoping out new places to live. We finally picked out a house to build in West Linn, Oregon. Here is the evolution from idea to house.

12/10/11: The much discussed and revised deck is built. Yay! We can entertain out back without people tumbling down a hill!

1/24/12: We received slightly sad news today. Due to the cold weather the mud isn’t drying very fast on the drywall and our move in date is now the end of January. :(

~~~And today 1/11/12 we have officially locked in our interest rate. 3.75% with $7k off closing costs! There ended up being a bidding war four our business. Woo hoo!!!!!!~~~

Argh! Grumble! (*&(%&^*)&^*(%&^$%^$#&YU%&(P^()&*_)*&U)&*(UASF)* B&)*(F&SBA( * 1/5/2012 and we have once again received word that we’re moving in later still. Closer to mid-February. On a lighter note…. they poured the concrete for the driveway, porch, and sidewalk.

The house is coming along and I’m so excited I could spit! Each time we go in there it’s closer to ours! It’s so beautiful and spacious and amazing and incredible and I am absolutely dying to move in!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are some more pics. :)1/29/12.

Okay, I’ve been slacking in the pictures department, but the latest update is that we get to close on Friday, February 24th. Woo hoo! We also had a consult with my interior designer aunt, Jo Ann Crayne. Excited for her vision for us. The movers are scheduled for Monday, February 27th. Things are all coming together.

2/23/12: We signed the loan docs. 2/24 we should be getting the keys! All the photos without captions are from 2/23. This is the house we really, actually, bought and get to live in. :)

2/24/12. THE HOUSE IS OURS AT NOON TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 thoughts on “From No House To New House

  1. I like it! You should ask them to leave it like this. I want to sit on the dirt and play the drums on what look like a ton of tiny drums. Who needs walls? And with all this sun, a roof is highly overrated.

    • It really is. In the last 5 weeks we’ve done a WHOLE LOT. We did rent out our condo, got the rest of our stuff out of there and have unpacked it, 1 spare bedroom is 100% furnished, another is 1/2, the last is completely empty. Our bedroom still only has the bed, but we found the matching accent pieces yesterday so we’re close. Painted accent walls in the living room, the office is fully furnished, got our deck furniture and a great Weber grill.

      Haven’t posted in forever I’ve been so busy. During all of this of course I did have finals and my dad was in town for 3 1/2 weeks which is a 5 page story all its own, stayed the weekend with my mom, 4th of July happened… :) Blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada. I’ll spout something I believe (and no one else) is interesting soon. I have been reading your posts BTW, just not really commenting on anything.

    • Another update. Got another bedroom furnished and designed Saturday. Just one more to go. Got some more chairs for the bonus room yesterday too. That’s going to be a seriously modern room. And now I have family staying with me again so blogging is nearly impossible.

      • I understand about the not being able to blog, but you have family staying with you!
        In your own house!!!

        How cool is that?
        Does “modern” still mean comfortable?

      • That is pretty cool that there’s family and we’re all comfy and not stepping on each other every minute. :)

        Comfortable is relative isn’t it? The new chairs are slightly awkward, but very cool looking. The couch is great. Boxy and microfiber, but it’s very plush when you sit on it.

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