Meet Sarah

I grew up in a small logging town in the great Pacific Northwest, where the men are men, and the trees and meth (I’ve never tried it) are plentiful. Because I knew I would enjoy returning to college at 30 whilst working a full time job and having many adult responsibilities I decided to flunk out the first time around. To fix this faux pas I joined the Army and served for 5 years. El Paso, Texas and the deserts of the middle east were my home. The experiences were incredible, and hot as hell. I now have a passion for all things spicy from chiles to curry.

After 7 years, a lot of begging and pleading from the family, and just the right amount of Vitamin D I returned to my roots. I’ve lived in the Portland area now for a little more than 5 years, but have yet to put a bird on anything.

Being new in town, and not one to ever pass up an opportunity, not only did I check out the bar scene, co-workers, and acquaintances, but I used the internet to troll for potential spouses. It was there that I met my other, hungrier half, Nick. He’s a true mid-western boy, from Ohio, and a software engineer. He is much less boisterious and outgoing than I am, a Capricorn to my Leo, so we make quite the pair. Yin and yang. That’s okay though, I leave him the cheesecake, he leaves me the vodka, these things work themselves out.

When Nick proposed I had yet to return to an institution of higher learning. Knowing I only had so many years to use my G.I. Bill, and fewer still before my eggs started to rot inside my body, I decided to return to school. Now as all of my friends live happy lives with careers, I live mine at a breakneck pace. I’m a 30-year-old office manager by day and a full time student by night. This plus the husband, chores, showering, eating, family, and friends life is hard to juggle. Of course I had to start a blog to complicate it further!

Our favorite past-time is our adult co-ed kickball league through Underdog Portland. We’ve made a lot of great friends. Nick only tackles two or three girls a season and they’re usually on our team so we feel this is reasonable. I have only slapped one person upside the head, and that is effing incredible. Our team would not say that we’re overly competitive. This is debatable since we never go to the bar after we lose and we showed up to the finals that we were not competing in, driving an average of 13 miles a piece, to heckle the participating teams. Yeah, we really want to win. ***4 time season champs baby! 2 undefeated!***

My blog inspirations are The Bloggess and Telling Dad. Those two, plus the people they suggest I read, are hilarious and help me get through my day. I want to explore my comedic, irreverent and goofy side (plus I’m an attention whore) so I’m starting this blog. We’ll see where it goes.

14 thoughts on “Meet Sarah

  1. Woo hoo! I’m an inspiration! I have now printed, screen-shotted, and taken a photo of this paragraph. No one will believe it. I usually only inspire people to stay as far away from me as possible. My wife included. Thank you for that!

  2. I love the crap you write! I’m a new follower, and I’m adding you to my blog roll at Unintimidated by Convention (the longest name possible for a blog with so little substance).

    I too take inspiration from The Bloggess, Telling Dad, and a few others, which now include callmequirky.

  3. Thanks for visiting and following me! I’ve been a fan of your for a little while now via Guap if memory serves me correctly. I really enjoy reading your posts :)

  4. Long time no hear.
    Hope all is well, and that no ones butt is black and blue from too much pinching, and that your new baby is enjoying those first months of being grounded in your new home!

    • Long time is right! I’m actually still gestating. I think about writing a lot, but instead I pass out on the couch. Haha. 1 month to go until she’s here. I’ll put something up soon. Yesterday we actually managed to finish buying just enough baby stuff to ensure infant survival for at least 1 week in our house. Woo hoo!
      Thanks for thinking of us!

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