Poll: Using a funeral home as a turnaround: Awesome or douchey? You decide.

My new commute from downtown Portland to West Linn takes me along Macadam Ave./ HWY 43 almost the entire way. It is so much better than taking 26 and having to go through those stupid tunnels that back up the freeway for miles. I’m super grateful for the mellow, if not slightly frustrating hitting all the stop lights in Lake Oswego, commute.

I have noticed something that I don’t know whether or not to call ingenious or super douchey.

There is a particular point in the commute where people heading to the East side of Portland have to cross the soon-to-be-rebuilt, 2-lane, Sellwood Bridge. There is a ton of traffic and people coming from both directions in the lane dedicated to the bridge get backed up pretty ridiculously. It seems to be the worst for the traffic heading South on 43 then trying to cross the bridge. I always get by them quite nicely, because I get to drive in the thru traffic lane to stay on 43 until almost my front door. It’s great.

At this Sellwood Bridge juncture there is a stop light with a small road off to the right if you’re heading South. I have come to notice that many drivers decided to avoid the 1/2 – 1 mile long wait to get across the bridge by pulling off to the right and doing a u-turn in a…..

(Here’s where I’m confused as to the ingenuity vs. douchebaggery)

….Funeral home parking lot.

See map below.

So here’s my deal, these folks who perform this operation totally get to use the advantage of the stop light and get on the bridge WAAAAAYYYYY faster than those who wait, but IT’S A FUNERAL HOME!

So here’s where I need your input. Please let me know what you think about the situation. You can vote for my poll responses or create your own.

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10 thoughts on “Poll: Using a funeral home as a turnaround: Awesome or douchey? You decide.

  1. I’d probably do it too more often than not. If traffic is that bad, the DOT should rethink it’s traffic flow situation till the construction is completed anyway.

    • This is actually pre-construction. It’ll be WAY worse when the new bridge is being built. Right now prep work isn’t doing much of anything to the flow. It’s just an old and rickety bridge. I say a short prayer each time I drive over it. And I’m an atheist! Ha ha.

  2. Totally cool just make sure that you drop off your dearly departed while turning around. Then it is a win win. You might even start a business, Turn Around Funeral Home Delivery.

    Great post. Come check out my humor blog if ya get a chance.

    Lady or Not…Here I Come

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