Update: A quick warning about marriage

Update: Due to concern for both my health and marriage if, in fact, I did look like an evil giant slug from outer space, I have posted a different picture of what I looked like within 10 minutes of that time as well. I suppose I must concede that most folks on the planet haven’t actually seen me either, 1. ever or 2. in quite some time. My hilarious inside joke with friends cannot possibly be conveyed correctly to the masses three people who will read this, without a picture of reality.

Before anyone gets all bent out of shape, this is not Nick bashing time. I am just going to illustrate the visual difference both pre and post marriage.

For Halloween 2008 I dressed up as Princess Leia in her slave costume after she’d been captured by Jabba the Hutt in Star Wars, Return of the Jedi. It was actually before I had ever met Nick.

Recently I took a photo of myself and realized that after 3 1/2 years together, 1 1/2 of wedded bliss, I much more closely resemble Jabba.

Slave Leia with Jabba in Star Wars, Return of the Jedi.

Thank goodness Honey Bunny loves me so much! It must truly be all about personality.

…..Or love really is blind. He might need a new contact prescription come to think of it. I won’t push the issue. Maybe I’ll lose some weight before he realizes what’s going on. Should Nick even be driving?!!! This level of blindness cannot be safe.

Fair warning. That’s all I can say. Fair warning. ;)

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15 thoughts on “Update: A quick warning about marriage

  1. This is what I call life happens… my girl is having the same issue, but I know she’s still the same person I know and love, and she’s working through some tough stuff to lose the weight herself. We know you’re still that same smart, sassified lovergirl you’ve always been, so, are we blind? Nah, we can see… love will take precedence regardless of appearance, though. You’ve identified what you need to do, and once you put your ex-military mind to it, you’ll be back to slave girl status soon enough. ;-)

    Rock on Sarah!

    • Ha! Thanks! :) I actually don’t look *quite* like that. I was lying on a couch and smooshed my chin and shoulders as much as possible then snapped the shot from an unflattering angle. Much to the amusement of all of us.
      ~Then again, I could stand to lose a few that’s for sure. :)

      • I wondered if you weren’t *adding* to the effect some ;-) I need to hit the work outs a lot more than I do too. Husband is still one lucky dude! :-)

  2. google led me to your pic – man I had a really good laugh reading through your post. Two thumbs up for your humor and confidence! Yup, love is a bit blinding – but then again helping and healing much of the other topics. Greets from Switzerland.

    • Hello Switzerland! Thanks for reading and the compliments! :) Sorry it takes me a bit to get back. With my little baby I’m this blog a lot less. If I thought I looked like Jabba for this post, I wasn’t even close to prepared for pregnancy. Hahaha. Have a great one! :) – Oregon, USA

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