Olympics 2016 Here I Come – Racewalking is Awesome!

Okay, yeah, I get that I’m too late  for 2012 but this is such an awesome way I can try and compete!

Power walking! 

Basically you just power walk, “race walk” for 20 kilometers. I can totally do that! I used to have to do that with a kevlar helmet, weapon, full ruck sack, and wearing full gear through sand dunes all the time in the Army. Rules: 1 foot has to be on the ground at all times, and your leg that is on the ground has to stay straight.

Seriously this is a great idea!

1. Being in the Olympics is cool.

2. I would be forced to get in shape if I were training for the Olympics. Duh!

3. I bet it makes your butt look fantastic!

4. There would actually be a legit reason for my distinctive booty shaking walk. When people comment on how I walk my response would no longer be, “That’s just the way I’m built.” I would say, “I’m an Olympic athlete, I’ve trained my butt to shake from side to side to give me more power. It’s not my fault you find it distracting. Donate to my travel fund.”

This is a win-win people! Go Team USA! Sarah for the Summer Olympics 2016! Rio bound baby!

***Yeah, there’s a good chance this won’t come to fruition, but I’m going to think about it really hard for a day or two… while I’m kicking back with a beer that is.***

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