Tell me what I want for my birthday

Well, my birthday is Sunday and I don’t know what to tell the hubby I want. Granted, I did buy myself a settee for the master bedroom, but I don’t think that counts because we needed one anyway. Saying it was “for my birthday” was truly just a ploy to prevent Nick from doing his typical thing, which is saying, “Let’s think about this for 3 months and check out all the reviews and consumer reports on all possible products.”

My new bedroom birthday settee.

I don’t really think I “need” anything. I don’t want anything terribly expensive, but I would like something. I have been asking about matching platinum and diamond band to make my wedding ring more symmetrical, but with the whole we just bought a house and a bunch of furniture thing going on I’m not going to push my luck.

I also don’t particularly want anything I’ve gotten from him in the past.

2009 – Diamond earrings. Ooh la, lah. – Out because I’m not trying to make this expensive.

2010 – Snuggy, As Scene on TV’s Rock ‘n’ Chop, and all of the Gorillaz CDs. – I no longer need a snuggy, rock ‘n’ chop, or Gorillaz CDs, because I have them.

2011 – Weekend vacation at the Oregon Coast in a fancy shmancy ocean front hotel. – We are traveling for 2 weddings in the upcoming weeks already so I don’t really want to go anywhere.

Facts: One of our upcoming trips is to Vegas. Maybe there’s something in that idea.

So, please leave me comments telling me what I want. :)

Update: I found something I totally want! Mixed drink Hummingbird feeders. Yes!

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7 thoughts on “Tell me what I want for my birthday

  1. Do you like to be pampered? Maybe, he could pick up a gift cert. for a pedicure or a spa treatment complete with lunch and a massage therapy session, with the gratuities included. With the bum knee that might not work out so good, but if you’re liking that kind of thing, maybe he could do that for you. This all depends on having a fab place that does this kind of thing, naturally. :-)

      • Thanks! I couldn’t avoid a butt pinch if I paid him a million bucks. That’s a given and I don’t want things that I get all the time. :) We actually have no gaming devices. Nick just plays on the laptop. I have banished myself from games until I finish the degree. They’re too addicting! Ha ha.

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