Sue-happy NFL players make me want to puke, from the keyboard of a Veteran

Dear football players with brain damage due to concussions from playing your sport,

I feel for you. It is a horrible thing to know that your job could have been, or has been, injurious to your person. It is hard to think that the organization you played your heart out for actually caused you harm. I hear that at least 100 of you are suing the NFL for damages for damaging your brains. I have heard of the recent suicides and truly feel for all of the players, their families, and friends who are harmed by the concussions. I think better helmets, better research, and better safety is needed on the field.

With that said, as much empathy as I feel for you I am calling one big, mother-trucking, bull $#!7 on your behinds. WTF dudes?!

Now here’s why:

I am a Veteran…. If you don’t see where this is going your brain damage is way worse than I thought.

NFL players vs. Veterans by Sarah Tishko

Your arguments are that you were unaware of the dangers of concussions. I get it, but you WERE aware the entire time that you chose to go out every week and beat the daylights out of yourself and others! You CHOSE that job. You could have been an engineer, fry cook, bus driver, doctor… Nope… You said, “Hey! This job gives me millions! I’ll make more than anyone I know in just a couple of years and then retire.” HOW IS IT EVEN CONCEIVABLE THAT YOU DIDN’T KNOW THE ACTUAL REASON THE AVERAGE RETIREMENT AGE OF AN NFL PLAYER IS 30 IS BECAUSE HIS BODY WAS LEFT BASICALLY A PUDDLE OF MUSH?! Are you freakin’ kidding me?!

I charge all of you with a heart and a conscience to either drop your part of the suit or do something even better. For your brethren in spandex and pads make the terms of the settlement be massive head injury research and better safety and safety equipment on the part of the NFL.

But if you guys are seeking money… well… it makes me want to puke.

Facebook reply from a friend, “Not that I disagree with you one little bit…but the players are suing because management in the NFL knew how much damage things like concussions were causing and did nothing about it other than lie to the players for decades about what was happening to them. But you’re right they’ll get millions and they were paid millions.”

My reply to said reply, “Soldiers know we become brainwashed, the lowest ranking gets to lift their mask in a chemical environment to sacrifice themselves for the good of the higher ranking, exposed to things like agent orange while trying to do the dirty work of politicians killing a whole country with agent orange…. and we still do it for pennies. :) And we rarely ever sue. That’s my only point. I would just like it if the suit resulted in better protection for current and future players, not retroactive payment for folks who’ve made millions.”

I am not such a jackass to believe that these folks don’t deserve their cause to be heard, but I think that if they get monetary compensation they are just greedy, greedy, jerks.

I am certain I could have posted with much less animosity, contempt, and very blunt speech, but this issue has managed to get my blood pumping.

Here is someone who is actually objective and articulate on the subject, Brian Miller.

5 thoughts on “Sue-happy NFL players make me want to puke, from the keyboard of a Veteran

  1. Well, in defense of the players…
    Nope, never mind. Nothing there. Just wanted to see if I could type it with a straight face.
    Sadly, people pay a lot more attention to the NFL than the soldiers.

    And love your comparison. Hope it goes viral!

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