Nick has a big fat head

Tonight Nick asked me to try on his hat. I grabbed it and told him that he either wouldn’t be able to see my face or it would fall right off it’s so huge. When I put it on he laughed and said, “Wow I didn’t know my head was that big.” I got the brilliant idea that I needed to see what would actually fit in the extra space between the hat and my head. This is what we discovered:

There is enough extra space in Nick's hat for me to shove a bottle of salad dressing in there comfortably.

Now let’s look at a picture of Nick wearing the same hat moments later.

Nick's huge dome.

Of course his typical response to this experiment was, “I get a butt pinch for that.” And just as typically, yes he did.

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5 thoughts on “Nick has a big fat head

    • Well I know my head is 7 1/8, which per the internets is medium. I can’t find the size of that blue hat and he’s never worn another hat since I met him so now we’ll have to go hat shopping to find out his head size. His snowboarding helmet is size 61, extra large. However, since you stick other hats underneath snowboarding helmets to keep warm it’s still not a terribly accurate gauge. Hmmmm….. I’ll let you know when I solve the mystery.

  1. You say his head is huge, but there’s nothing to compare to.
    Your head has a bottle of salad dressing placed conveniently to allow us to accurately gauge the size of your head, but Nick is photo’d in front of a non-descript background.

    I sense this is a conspiracy to get butt-pinches. Yes/No?

    • Guapo you’re right. I do try to get as many butt pinches as I can. I do things like stand up, sit down, walk around, say, “Hey how does chicken sound for dinner?” give good morning kisses, leave the house, pet the cat, do homework, etc… and all of them seem to illicit the same response, “I get a butt pinch for that.” I’m a master at getting pinched.

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